Hello! I am glad to welcome you on my site!

My name is Anastasia Kurbatova.
I am an art director, a fashion designer, a stylist, a theatrical costume designer, a decorator and an illustrator.
2005-2010 - Ivanovo State Textile Academy
2012-2013 - The British Higher School of Design
Numerous laureate of the national and international competitions of fashion designers. 
Grand Prix of the International competition "Exercice".
Winner (laureate) of the International competitions "Admiralty Needle", "Russian Silhouette", "(Exercice)", "Fashion Assembly", "Couturier of the Year".
Three-time winner of the sign “Laureate of Russia competition "Textile Salon” under V. Zaytsev's patronage.
The constant participant of exhibitions and festivals in the fashion-industry sphere.
The Grand Prix at the World Festival of arts at Pierre Cardin Theatre in Lacoste (France).
Wide range of my specialization is at your service.
Professional spheres:
Design female and a kidswear of any complexity by the individual order.
Constructor-fashion designer, possession of bases of designing and technology of tailoring.
Creation and formation of collection blocks.
Style artist (stylist)
Formation of individual style.
Development of image and style for a portfolio, fashion and TV. 
Creating of looks of any complexity and for any purpose (shootings, advertizing, catalogs, shows).
Theatrical costume designer. Decorator.
Development of sketches (designs) of clothes of all styles, sketches of costumes for cinema, theatre, TV. (Designing clothes of all styles and costumes for cinema, theatre and TV)
Art director.
Management of the project. Work on the concept and the ideas and their realization.
Illustrator (fashion, glamour, funny, magazine style, kids). Painting (acrylic, gouache, tempera, oil, mixed technicians). Graphics ( pencil, pen, the mixed technicians). Collage. Work in the graphic programs Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw.
Work experience over 10 years.